The Role of Women In Finance

Lotus Women's Institute (LWI) creates an ecosystem where women of all demographics (age, ethnicity and race) are recruited, trained, and developed for key roles within financial firms committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

We can place more women in more frontline wealth management roles and improve our world, together.

“The success of wealth management in the years ahead depends on making sure we all look like the clients and communities we serve.”

-Shelley O’Connor,
Co-Head of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

What can Lotus do for companies?

Recruiting: Is your company struggling with finding a “pipeline” of diverse candidates? These candidates are women, specifically women of color and next generation women, who are looking to break into financial services. Our firm was founded by a woman who represents this exact demographic—a woman of color who has navigated the industry and knows what it takes to persevere and be successful. We are training women on principles learned over three decades to set them up for success. This is what makes us different from other recruiters!

Talent Development: Is your company providing a path for career growth for your high-potential female employees? One of the best ways to ensure that you retain your female workforce is to make sure you continue to provide them with skill development; mentorship and progressive training. Career development and retention are highly correlated! Let Lotus help you!